We are Amazon Pioneers

ZonLux Digital is a full-service Amazon marketing agency, built to help you scale your business

How We Help You

Storefront Cleanup

A seller account is only as successful as its storefront. At ZonLux, we can help you optimize all of your listings, photos and branded content, so your products rank higher and convert more often.

SEO Expertise

We’ll work daily to build paid SEO campaigns, bid on keywords that are the most relevant to your products and customer search behavior, and optimize to shoot your listings to the top.

Viral Social Proof

Nothing is more powerful than positive marketing from your customers. We’ll deploy proprietary promotional strategies that are customized to your products, and build your customer list through expert funnels, and leverage social proof to scale.

Insider access

Working with us gives you direct access to our extensive industry network of contacts and resources to scale, acquire and exit.  We have built and acquired many Amazon brands in recent years, and know exactly what it takes to sell for the highest multiple.

dr digital advertising

We leverage our ability to navigate any and all digital ad platforms better than anyone else. Getting a clear picture on your buyer persona is a critical component to aim our creative ad placements to the proper buyers.

Optimization & Scaling

We live and breathe data. We will continuously test, tweak and fix anything that does not work and scale what does. We always measure our data against your company KPIs to help build out an Amazon empire.

Valued Partners

Meet Matt

In 2016, Matt Newman quit his full time job and never looked back. He rolled up his sleeves, invested every penny he had, and built a multi-million-dollar eCommerce empire. Now he and his team are ready to help other dreamers, entrepreneurs and business owners do the same thing. Whether you’re just here to check out ZonLux services, ready to connect and knowledge-share, or in need of a little help getting to that next step, you’ve come to the right place.