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4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself About Outsourcing

Win On Amazon With ZonLux DigitalSome businesses start with a high level of funding and a sufficient number of employees, but most others have to hustle their way to success. Entrepreneurs are used to that startup mentality and they learn a wide array of skills in the process. In fact, many owners get so used to working across the whole company that they are hesitant to delegate. You can’t do everything yourself, though, and knowing that is one of the best skills.

One of the most important ways of scaling is to outsource parts of your business to workers with expertise in specific fields, and that is what ZonLux Digital is here for. We handle all things Amazon for many successful clients, maximizing the opportunity to reach potentially 200 million-plus customers on there platform. So the real question is, can you identify which demands in your business are best suited for outsourcing? Here are four primary things to think about:

1. Which Tasks Produce Income?

Most businesses have a specific number of tasks that result in most of their revenue. You probably will not want to outsource these in the beginning due to their critical need. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But isolate these important tasks, leaving you with other elements that are not as important. You may find, for example, that you are reliant on Facebook advertising for the bulk of your traffic, so you might want to handle this internally. But smaller parts of the process like graphic design could be outsourced and save time, making the cost worth it.

2. Where Is Most of Your Time Spent?

Think about the tasks that take up most of your time each day. Write a list of these and note roughly how much time you give them on a weekly basis. You will find that often they are not critical to your success. Why not outsource and deal with the important stuff, including new activities? The most essential and knowledgeable staffers should spend their time on building and growing the company, so be wary of devoting key time on general activities.
Time Is Money

3. What Are Your Main Skills?

An entrepreneur gets a chance to try many different tasks. You can quickly see what you are good at. Don’t spend countless hours trying to overcome deficiencies in the area where you struggle. Work on improving your main skills and outsource the rest. If you struggle with web and graphic design, it will be more productive to have someone else handle that and giving you freedom to excel.

4. What Do You Like and Dislike?

Everyone has likes and dislikes about jobs. As an entrepreneur, you are a self-starter and very motivated. Working on areas you dislike can steal your energy and make you ineffective. It’s like the old saying: Love what you do, and do what you love. After working on your business, you should have a good idea what tasks you like and dislike. Look for ways to outsource the work that brings you no pleasure, with the obvious exception of any critical activities. Likewise, continue handling tasks you enjoy unless they need a lot of time and do not bring much in the way of returns.

Let Our Team Help You!Outsourcing is one part of building an online business that many people ignore. Can you afford to pass it up? There is too much at stake, including the possibility of large-scale sales on Amazon that entrepreneurs typically cannot reach by themselves.

You might grow to a stage where you build a dedicated workforce, where every employee has expertise. But in many cases, you will not need or feel comfortable taking on new workers when you have smaller tasks to complete. Outsource those elements of your business and ensure you get the job done well, freeing up time to focus on profitable areas. There is a whole world of freelance talent around the globe, maybe with more value than you think, starting with the team at ZonLux Digital, which helps many clients maximize their product sales on Amazon through proven techniques and experience. So look for ways to introduce outsourcing into your business.

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